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OPEX Upper Main Line matches you with your very own professional coach to create your best program for Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. First, you’ll complete a full body and movement assessment to provide a baseline for where you sit within fitness today, and from this assessment, your coach will customize a program specific to your health and fitness needs. Each day, you’ll receive personalized coaching from our experienced team who looks forward to guiding you along your fitness journey.

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Cody Loeffler in OPEX Upper Main Line


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Cody is the Owner of OPEX UPPER MAIN LINE; Paoli PA’s premiere training facility and Individually Designed Fitness gym. Cody has been coaching, personal training, and providing individualized programming for both on-site and remote clients since 2011. He most enjoys being able to reach every individual he works with not only on a physical ...

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Welcome to OPEX Upper Main Line!

We provide full spectrum coaching experience for each and every one of our clients. Our expert coaches design your best program for fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle to guide you on your way to a greater quality of life. OPEX facilities are built on the premise that the client’s best interests must be aligned with the coach’s as well as the gym’s owner(s). One of the most important aspects of client’s long term results that they make tangible progress in areas of their lives that they prioritize.

Whether that is providing for their kids, building their career, or competing at the pinnacle of their sport, in an OPEX gym you will have the ability to design their path to get them there. The OPEX Gym is the perfect mesh of quality training and fantastic environment. You’ll immediately see and feel that you are different from other gyms. OPEX Gyms take the best of personal training, the smartest fitness program design, and the fun of the fitness gym environment and put it under one roof. Welcome to OPEX Upper Main Line!

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