OPEX Upper Main Line Reviews

  • Dan Lawson, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    Last fall, it was time for a life change. It had taken me several months to come to the decision as there were so many factors that went in to my due diligence in preparing to make the transition. I’m not talking about something as drastic as a move to a new home or job but that certainly didn’t help make the decision easier or less stressful on me. When my wife and I built a home and moved back to Chester County 5 years ago I had no idea that I was also going to find a new home within a local gym. As we re-familiarized ourselves to this location over the years I began to grow very deep personal relationships with other patrons at this establishment. Taking part in each other’s personal lives outside of working out together became routine, so when considering this change 9 months ago, there was a lot to consider. It kept me awake many nights, and generally distracted daily with my job. Retrospectively, these personal relationships were likely the glue that kept me as a member within this community long after I had lost interest in what I was actually there to do…

    When I had first joined that gym, roughly 5 years ago, it had been about a decade since I actively worked closely with a coach and followed any sort of external exercise programming. Of course, I tried my hand at several online programs, etc, but mostly to show no gains. Just having that structure in my life led to immediate progress both mentally and aesthetically and I honestly thought that I had found my permanent home. Time went on, and so did the programming. Daily workouts were posted that I was confident that if I followed, would build the body and mind set that I constantly seek. I had no idea at the time that “group programming” wasn’t as ideal as “individualized programming” if changes and progress in my fitness were expected. I suffered many injuries as a result of the group programming that was my own fault for trying to do too much whilst maximizing the investment in my membership. Because of this on again, off again relationship brewing I decided it was time for a change. I had learned so much over the years about my training that I was confident in “doing it myself” for a while at a cheaper, more accessible gym. Boy was I wrong.

    It was about that time that I overheard a neighboring conversation about all the wonderful things that Cody and Emily were doing via OPEX Upper Main Line. I had known Cody and Emily as they were coaches at my previous gym in my early days. There, they quickly established themselves as the most knowledgeable, caring, and intense coaches and athletes not only in the South-Eastern PA market but all over the country as they were competing on national levels. My wife and I are devout non-social networkers or otherwise, I wouldn’t have had to over hear about OPEX Upper Main Line though casual conversation. Cody and Emily had already established themselves in Malvern, PA both physically with a location as well as all over the internet. Success stories about other athletes who had made the transition and were benefiting immensely by working hand to hand with these two experts were plastered all over their walls.

    I visited, and after the long overdue hugs and catching up, I shared some of my frustrations and future goals. Cody very simply smiled and said, “We will get you to where you want to be, but you have to do the reps.” I still think about that interaction today, and get chills thinking about his delivery. I have NEVER been more motivated to put in the reps. The programming is for me…not the group, and because of that, I am stronger that I have ever been.

    If you are seriously looking for a partner to help you maximize your potential in training…look no further than the coaches at OPEX Upper Main Line. They care about you…because that’s what individualized programming is all about.

    Dan Lawson
  • Ron Sutton, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    When I joined OPEX Upper Main Line in late April 2017 all I knew was that I was sick and tired of being overweight and feeling horrible all the time.

    I had finally hit my rock bottom and decided that if I wanted to get out of the hole I had dug for myself, I had better call Cody and Emily for some help.

    OPEX Upper Main Line was that help for me. I had worked with Cody in the past and I knew he knew what he was doing, and how to best help me with my goals. I know that there are others who feel just like I used to; sick and tired of being sick and tired, but not knowing what to do about it, and I can tell them that this is the place they need to be.

    Cody changed my diet, explaining the importance of proper nutrition and healthy eating. He explained this was not done simply by cutting calories, but by eating real food and lots of it. He writes my training program to help me lose fat while retaining muscle, and I’ve never felt better.

    It didn’t take long before I started to notice that I was feeling great. I started sleeping better, I was able to train harder, longer, and started lifting more weight than ever before. In the 3 short months, I've been training with Cody and the staff at OPEX Upper Main Line, I've lost over 60 pounds with significant drops in body fat percentage and consistent gains in muscle mass! These were all improved from proper diet and the excellent training program Cody was writing for me.

    Each week I'm feeling better and better, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me. I know I won't reach my goals overnight, and it will be a long hard battle, but know that with Cody and OPEX Upper Main Line behind me, I will reach them!

    Ron Sutton
  • Jesse Eggerton, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    Fitness has always been a priority in my life. My background is centered largely around training for football through high school and college. Post-college, I continued a similar regimen, but plateaued and became complacent with my fitness level. Wanting to try something new, I partnered with Cody to reevaluate my fitness goals and to create a game plan to achieve new ones. Cody provided programming that tailored workouts for my goals, which were to increase mass and strength simultaneous with functional movement. The program evaluated my current nutrition and revamped my diet to best support my training. It’s been about a year and half under the OPEX programming, and I’ve made strides in my fitness that I previously thought were unattainable. I’ve increased my strength beyond levels achieved during the height of my football career, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The coaching is hands-on, as Cody (and all coaches) are genuinely interested and invested in each person’s success. I’d strongly recommend this type of programming to anyone looking to achieve certain fitness goals.

    Jesse Eggerton
  • Kristen Gabrill, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I’m almost 3 months into my training at OPEX, and I couldn’t be happier. Before shifting from traditional CrossFit classes to OPEX UML, I’d been in a kind of funk with the fitness classes. I wanted to make a change but wasn’t really sure what I needed. When Cody and Emily opened OPEX, I figured here was my chance for something new. The training has been great. Cody and Emily are very knowledgeable and passionate about those they are training. They are always there to help you with form or technique and what works for you. They are invested in your development both physically and mentally. Because of this, I’ve become more invested and accountable in my development. I’ve already seen a lot of progress in less than 3 months and looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

    Kristen Gabrill
  • JOHN BARRY, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    Athletics have always been a big part of my life, in the end it was college soccer, then men’s leagues to stay in shape, and the all too common “beach workouts” at the globo gym. Then life happened; job behind a desk, two kids, and an over commitment to the new “dad bod” fad that was going around. I knew something needed to change I just needed a push in the right direction. I reached out to Cody and Emily and they started me on my individualized nutrition and fitness programs. Cody and Emily were always there with their infectious smiles and words of encouragement. It has only been 10 months but I feel like a new person, I am 40 pounds lighter, have more energy, and a better lease on life. My family and I enjoy an active lifestyle and I am now passing on the enjoyment of the gym Cody and Emily bring to OPEX every day to my kids. As I make progress to meet the goals Cody and I set at the start of my journey, he is creating programs that challenge me yet encourage me to continue to come back to see what I can accomplish the next day. No two days are the same, and through the tracking of my workouts I can see gains from week to week. Gone are the days of doubting the decision to call Cody. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their current fitness goals to OPEX Upper Mainline. You will leave a completely different person than when you first arrived.

  • Joe Botta, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I did a self evaluation after the 2015 Crossfit Open. I ended up finishing 162 in the Master 40-44 division. I made the qualifier of Top 200, and ended up 142 in the world. I wanted to make a push for the Top 100. I knew to do that I would need to get a coach. I met Emily and Cody in June/July of 2016. They were just opening their Crossfit (Union Forged) in Phoenixville, PA.

    We went through an evaluation, and they started programing for me. The goal was Top 100 in the World for Masters 40-44.  It's never easy to workout alone, but Cody and Emily provided the fuel for success. We did a lot of one on one sessions to work on weakness. A lot of the programming was based on how to meet my goal for the Open. They kept me on task for 8 months, and when the Open was finally here, I was primed and ready to crush the Open. My confidence was sky high. I knew through their preparation I was ready for anything.

    The 2016 Open was a success finished 102 in the Masters 40-44, and made the qualifier. I moved up after the qualifier to 88th in the world, and 5th in the Mid-Atalntic Region. The mission was accomplished. The foundation and basis for their coaching is OPEX. There was a plan, process and purpose to every workout.

    I owe a lot of my success to the effort spent by Cody and Emily. Their hands on approach was huge factor in meeting my goal. I would high recommend their coaching to anyone. They are committed to making you the best you can be.

    Joe Botta
  • Mitch Griffith, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I have been working with OPEX coach Cody Loeffler for about four years now and my experience has been nothing but fantastic. I originally started working with Cody to improve my strength and conditioning for wrestling because I realized that was something that needed work. Working with Cody for a year drastically changed not only how much stronger and fitter I felt than everyone but how much stronger and fitter I appeared than everyone else I saw on the wrestling mat, which led me to a very successful season as a sophomore in high school. After that year of wrestling I reevaluated my fitness goals, and set the goal of making it to the CrossFit Games in 2016 in the teenage division. Cody designed a program for me that optimized the time we had to get as fit as possible, the Open came and I felt as fit as I ever have, although I ended up twenty-fifth I knew that wasn’t the end. We set new goals and kept working, that summer I qualified for the Granite Games. Cody not only wrote a program that got me ready to compete, he helped me improve my eating habits to supplement the training I was doing, and every weekend, Cody would workout with me for three days straight three times a day, if that does not show how invested and dedicated a coach is, I’m not sure what does. OPEX has helped me fly past all my goals faster than I ever thought I would, I would highly recommend OPEX programming to anyone looking to reach goals/improve their fitness, nutrition, and even life.

    Mitch Griffith
  • As someone who has always been intimidated by large gyms and group classes with varying levels of experience, it was extremely important to me that I find a place where I was comfortable. Cody and Emily have done just that with OPEX Upper Main Line. From the very beginning Cody was able to help me determine what my fitness and nutritional goals were and how they would fit my lifestyle. With that, Cody has programmed specific workouts to help me lose weight and increase my strength and movement. Cody and Emily are excellent coaches. With my limited fitness background, their hands on approach is what has allowed me to be successful. They are always available to answer my questions, show me proper technique, and keep me motivated during tough workouts. I’ve been at OPEX UML since it has opened. Not only is it part of my daily routine, but I am constantly motivated by the results. Each week I find that I’m feeling better and getting stronger. I would strongly recommend OPEX programming to anyone looking to improve their fitness!

  • Christy Colflesh, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I had always been a skeptic of high-intensity group fitness until meeting Emily and Cody at Union Forged. After my first few months, I had learned the foundations of weight lifting and fell in love with the sport. I began supplementing my workouts with accessory work during my time working with them, however, I wasn’t entirely sure I was benefitting to the full extent. Once I spoke with Emily and Cody about their vision for OPEX, I was intrigued. Their passion and commitment to fitness are undeniable. The foundation of an OPEX gym is exactly what I was looking to receive out of my workouts – individualization, while still receiving support, guidance and advice.

    Moving over to an OPEX facility from a CrossFit gym, I was nervous about losing the group class environment and the competitive nature. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to push myself to complete a workout without “cheating” since no one would notice. Taking a step back, I had to ask myself what I wanted to gain from my time in the gym and why I was struggling to overcome this mental block. Realizing my concerns, weaknesses, and strengths through my assessment with Emily, I set some short term and long term goals, and she personalized a program for me. All of my workouts now make sense and have a purpose – I’m working towards my goals, while the accessory work feeds directly into the workout for the day. I’ve been challenged both mentally and physically, and I’ve learned I can push myself harder than I knew I could. Cody and Emily are always available and are truly devoted to the success of their members.

    Christy Colflesh
  • Debbie Taylor, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    A year ago, my husband and I were looking for a way to get in shape. We had not exercised regularly for decades, and neither of us had ever worked out in a gym.  We started personal training with Emily and it has made a huge impact.  Over the last year, Emily has carefully crafted a work out plan that has taken us from struggling to lift an empty barbell to happily doing endless burpees.  Gone are the aches and pains of middle age!  They have been replaced with muscles, flexibility, and confidence.    Personal training with Emily is just that - personal!  She has taken the time to get to know us and she is absolutely invested in our success.  Emily’s energy and positive attitude are contagious.  It keeps us coming back.  I will be forever grateful to her for the changes that she has helped me to make in my life.

    Emily and Cody are knowledgeable and passionate about their work and it comes through in everything that they do.   Are you looking for a specialized training program where you will build strength, learn new skills - and make some friends along the way? Opex Upper Main Line is the place.

    Debbie Taylor
  • David Gascoigne, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I met Emily and the OPEX folk several months ago.  I needed to get more active and healthy.  I had tried Pilates, yoga, and spin but to little benefit.  My wife persuaded me to join OPEX and have personal training with Emily. At first I thought Emily was crazy as I was intimidated by the thought of weights, work on legs, cardio...and all in one session.  I gave it a try and to be honest thought it would be a one-off. Several months later my life has been transformed from a fitness perspective.  I never thought at this stage in my life I would be able to lift as much as I can...3x my starting weight.  But it's not just weight.  My core strength has improved, my back and knees have strengthened them and even more remarkable, I have suddenly found out I can run distance.

    It's tough and you have to be devoted but Emily is wonderful.  She knows your limits, pushes you and at the same time is a pleasure.  I have a joint session with my wife and that is also great as we have something in common to work at together.  The smiling Devil as I call her has transformed our lives in many aspects and we attend 3 times a week without exception.

    Finally the whole set up is great and professional.  There is no competition in the facility as everyone has their limits be whether you can lift 50 pounds or 300 pounds.  There is great camaraderie amongst the staff and members.

    Love the place, love the people, give it a try regardless of age, weight or size.

    David Gascoigne
  • Michael Fitzgerald, OPEX Upper Main Line Testimonials

    I changed my work commute and started passing the OPEX Upper Main Line sign on the hill. Having priorities in my life change, I hadn’t focused on fitness, wellness or working out for about 10 years. Prior to that, I was mainly adherent to fitness classes involving weight lifting and cardio. Over time, that became predictable, unchallenging, and quite stale! It was something I just couldn’t see myself going back to and having reached a more mature age (okay, 57), going back just wasn’t an option if I wanted to feel good and like I could recover well enough to handle the rest of my daily work and life requirements. After checking out the OPEX Upper Main Line website, I decided to make a visit.

    Cody and Emily Loeffler are energetic and passionate about helping people. Cody asked me about my fitness goals, which up until that point in time, I hadn’t really considered. The conversation turned to asking me more about “how I was feeling,” and “what I was interested in changing?” From some additional, basic questions came the answers I needed and the obtainable goals that I could achieve. Losing weight, sleeping better, increased energy, improved workout routines were just a few to make this list. I was paired up with coach Ty Fischer for an overall analysis and assessment to find out where I sat within the fitness and get a starting point. From there, Ty got to work setting up my daily and weekly workout routines. The entire experience for the client is really easy and welcoming. All of my workouts are delivered by email nightly, and I can access my entire account and all of my fitness programming through a web application called FitBot. I can complete my workouts at my pace and according to my schedule. Entering the results into the mobile app, saving and tracking all of my progress couldn’t be easier! Ty and I can see progression, improvements, what routines work for me, and Ty can make any necessary changes on the fly to be able to accommodate my every need for exercise.

    Ty and the other coaches on the floor at OPEX Upper Main Line are very approachable and give you great feedback each day on how you are performing. They ensure I’m doing an exercise correctly, using the right form, being safe and smart, etc. Everyone has their own goals and the gym has members doing their own individual workout routines with enthusiasm and energy, always giving it 110%. This creates a contagious “I can do this” atmosphere, a positive environment, resulting in making you want to push your limits, no matter what your age or physical capabilities. After only 3 months, I’ve been able to decrease my weight and increased my muscle mass using the Inbody 270 machine located at OPEX. My sleep has improved, I manage stress much better, and I plan on partnering with the coaches at OPEX Upper Main Line as I continue this journey!

    Michael Fitzgerald


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