How It Works

THE CONSULTATION: A 30 minute meeting with one of our onsite coaches to discuss your experience, goals, and lifestyle to match you with your new coach and start your fitness journey

THE ASSESSMENT: (3) 90 Minute sessions with your coach to help identify advantages and disadvantages, priorities, and areas of growth to set you up for success.

ONSITE COACHING: Individualized fitness programming based on your goals and abilities providing a personalized full spectrum coaching experience. We create your best program for daily fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to guide you on your way to achieve a better quality of life.

PERSONAL TRAINING: Work 1 on 1 with our expert coaches as they provide individualized fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to support you on your journey to a greater life.

REMOTE COACHING: Remote clients receive individualized training plans based on your goals and abilities. Online consults with your coach every 2-4 weeks as needed, and the use of our FITBOT software for effective coach-client communication, and workout and progress tracking.

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