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On Site Coaching in Paoli - OPEX Upper Main Line

We don't sell fitness. We certainly love fitness and we happen to be really good at designing programs for every individual that we are fortunate enough to work with. We are built, however, on caring for and nurturing our clients and using fitness as the medium for them to live a greater life. Our success is built off of developing and refining the relationships we build with our clients and the feelings that our clients get from knowing they are working specifically with their very own coach in order to reach THEIR goals, and maintain the levels of fitness they need relative to function within their lives. Those goals, by the way, aren't just procured by something they saw on tv or something that their friend can do in his or her group fitness classes. Those goals are real. They are functional for that individual and actually applicable to what they need to be the best version of themselves. The prescription keeps them safe, mobile, strong, gives them terrific capacity, and allows them to grow and progress throughout their lifetime. 

Thus, the aim is simple. Our mantra at OPEX Upper Main Line is to “Go Forth.” This can mean many things to many different individuals, but we are consistent in our mission.  We create great programs and provide quality coaching to help our clients live long and prosper.  Life, and the function of what we’re are asked to do on a daily basis is unique to us as individuals, and from our owners, to our coaches, to our clients, each individuals journey with fitness will look a bit different than the next. Our clients are moms, dads, firefighters, chefs, teachers, business owners, students, athletes, public service providers, military, marathoners…the list goes on and is filled with a plethora of diversity within our clientele. Each of those clients is taken through a detailed movement and work capacity assessment when beginning their journey with one of our professional coaches, and the data obtained from that assessment, combined with the goals and demands of the lives of each individual are what is taken into consideration, and ultimately what dictates the prescription.  The results…speak for themselves.  We see more success with our clients in a concentrated period of time, that ultimately, what begins as a “long term” goal or marker for success often becomes a reality in the short term. And being that each individuals fitness journey is a long, ever-changing process, OPEX Upper Main Line clients have regular monthly check-ins, and a strong relationship built with their coach in order to keep alignment with their goals, progress, and how to adapt the program daily, monthly, or even year to year. 

As a staff, we have an extensive amount of experience, both as coaches and athletes, and our reputation for success with helping clients reach their goals speaks for itself. However, we have built our brand on the concept that “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” Cliche? Yes… but one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned from one of my greatest mentors while still cutting my teeth as a group fitness coach.  No amount of credentials, courses, or certifications will ever give you the experience to understand that your number one priority as a facility owner, and as a person providing others with the knowledge and game plans to better themselves is: to be human, inspire them rather than “motivate” them, and to devote your daily efforts into creating a space where your clients know that you have their back, feel connected to why they showed up that day, and feel unafraid to “take off the kimono” and be vulnerable for the better sake of giving it all they’ve got. It is in this moment for them that in success they will revel in achieving what they never believed to be possible, and in failure, they will learn more about themselves than they ever imagined.  At OPEX Upper Main Line; Win, Lose, or Draw, our clients know that personal growth and betterment is where they will find fulfillment, and in understanding this, they will always pick themselves up, kick off the dust, go forth, and chase greatness.  This is what it means to pursue the journey of a long, healthy, fulfilled life. This is why you need a coach. This is what you get when you walk into OPEX Upper Main Line. Still think we sell fitness? 

Go Forth, 

Cody Loeffler, Owner/Head Coach

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