Client Chronicles Part 1




Brian Mack: 

I joined OPEX upper mainline in the beginning of January with a few years of crossfit background and stagnant PRs. I had hit that fitness “plateau”. My individualized programming from Cody and the knowledge that this place provides in educating their clients on fitness and training has changed my plateau and so much more. All of my personal best lifts have increased, some to amounts I never thought possible, and my nutrition has finally been dialed in thanks to a coach and staff who have the background experience and know how to get the most out of each individual. Overall, I feel like have become a better person, father, husband, and employee by once again being motivated in life. The atmosphere and knowledge that OPEX Upper Main Line brings is unprecedented and the care and time that goes into my personal fitness, programming, and nutrition I doubt could be found anywhere else with the passion that I find here.



M.B. Moran: 

For some reason, I thought signing up for a Spartan Race, which is a difficult obstacle course race, would be a great motivator to help me get healthy. I am not an athlete in any way, shape or form, so thankfully a friend introduced me to Cody and Emily in Dec 2015, and that is when I started on this journey. Right from the beginning, they made me feel welcome, and never pushed me beyond my abilities (I was basically starting from scratch, so my abilities didn’t even really exist yet). I remember Cody saying that when he makes the workouts, he makes sure anyone from a competitive athlete to a newbie like me can complete the workout, and that meant a lot to me. They did push me out of my comfort zone, though, and that is why I have completed 2 Spartan Races already (last year), and I am currently getting ready to tackle one this upcoming October. It doesn’t hurt I now regularly have to buy smaller size clothes to wear for those races as well :) I can’t thank Cody and Emily enough for working with me. 



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