Everyday Move Webcast Episode 1

On Site Coaching in Paoli - OPEX Upper Main Line

In this episode of the Everyday Move Webcast, Cody Loeffler and Tyler Fischer talk Fitness in regards to their background, starting as athletes and coaches in group model fitness and competing in the CrossFit Games. This episode sets the stage for the platform for an ongoing series--where they will discuss various topics within fitness, training, nutrition, and program design for individuals for both general fitness, and for those competing in sport. Enjoy some simple conversation and some brief anecdotes about their experiences working and training together in the past, and how the duo has reconnected to work and train together again, this time under the OPEX Upper Main Line name, and how they hope to leave a lasting impact on the fitness community to try to help as many people as possible to change their lives and find value within their training for fitness long term!! 

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