Client Chronicles: JT Boyer

On Site Coaching in Paoli - OPEX Upper Main Line

I'll just get to the point of what OPEX Upper Mainline is, and what its done for me.


I'm a 37 year old Dad, that travels for work. OPEX Upper Mainline is individualized (just for you, not a class setting), personalized fitness programming designed to fix YOUR deficiencies to help you meet YOUR goals, all based off of YOUR personal assessment. 

   Having professionals like Emily and Cody design a program to help me achieve my goals has given me the opportunity to earn a level of overall strength and fitness that I thought was long gone. At this point in my life I didn't think that I would be hitting all time highs in just about every aspect of my training and body composition. I only wish I had this available to me 20 years ago. As an added benefit, I have a stronger desire to live a healthier lifestyle as well since starting here. 

   Whether I'm on the road for work, pressed for time because of "daddy duties" or on site, they both make sure I have what I need for my training. They adapt to my "day-to-day"...that's not something you're going to find at your local gym or group class center. 

   I consider this my "fountain of youth"! We're not getting any younger ya know? You might as well take advantage of the time you have to be healthy!! 

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